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If you are interested in joining our dynamic and enthusiastic team of hospitality professionals and are looking for an environment that supports growth and development, please get in touch with us!


Cara Araneta

New York designer, Cara Araneta, created our uniforms and upgraded Accommodation Interiors by combining Belize's colonial heritage and indigenous nature with Ka'ana's explorer lifestyle.


Eileen Chiang

Eileen documents offbeat experiences which often lands her in front of her computer. After nearly 10 years branding and launching successful brands for a boutique hotel group in Manhattan, Eileen now owns a studio providing holistic branding to hotels in emerging markets.


Naoto Ono

Born in Japan and raised in southern California, Naoto now resides and works in New York. After over 13 years Art Directing ad campaigns, commercials, and designing global Corporations’ identities, he’s venturing into Directing and Shooting.