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Adopt-a-School Program

Adopt-a-School Program

Holy Cross Primary School

This school is a mere ten minutes down the road from Ka'ana and has become a primary initiative for the entire staff as well as friends of the resort. Of the 76 students, age 4-13, that attend Holy Cross Primary School, a mere handful can afford to pay the US$20.00 yearly tuition. As a result, instead of turning the students away, the lack of resources has resulted in poor bathroom facilities, leaking roofs, a fledgling sporting program, and inadequate cafeteria facilities.
Our goal is to contribute to tuition fees and raise at least $500.00 to plant an organic garden at the school.
Additionally, Ka'ana has committed to supporting the following programs at Holy Cross Primary School:

  • Scholarship Fund
  • Bathroom Rehabilitation Project
  • Sports Program
  • Environmental Program (including their Organic Garden)


We also welcome and will facilitate donations or volunteer work at the school such as playground equipment, the refurbishment of classrooms, purchasing computers and so on. 


We're also members of Pack for a Purpose, which enables guests to support the local school with specific supplies.
To learn more about this initiative or how you can become a part of giving back, please contact